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This look is timeless, you can make a few changes depending on the season or event. As a makeup artist I struggled to find the perfect waterproof liners to ensure that you don’t end up with black eyes at your wedding! Mac offers Liquid black liner ( need makeup remover on hand) and Xtreme Lashes retails an eye pencil ( safe for lash extensions). First you line the wet of the eye, top and bottom, then along the lash line. Once you’ve applied your eyeliner, smudge softly around the edges of eye ( careful not to erase to much) then your ready to soften with shadow. place a medium to dark eye color on the outer lid, patting gently, then apply a medium  shadow in the crease above the socket and line underneath eyes to blend and soften. The next step is to apply a highlighter underneath the brow, apply a few coats of mascara, if you’re sporting Xtreme Lashes newest X50’s that provide more curl, then apply only to bottom. Always dust off fall from shadows with a larger makeup brush, the carefully apply concealer underneath eyes. The only thing that ever changes is the eyeshadow hues you choose!