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As an Xtreme Advanced Certified Lash Stylist for over a decade, I’ve seen some things! First let me assure you that with proper application and technique, your natural lashes will continue to grow and maintain eye health.

The lash extensions should always be 1mm away from lash line (to avoid irritation) and regrowth not to exceed 2mm as weight can damage hair follicle. There should never be any sticking together; this could pull out additional natural lashes prematurely (and may be permanent).

Always using Xtreme Lashes Aftercare & Cosmetics.

Always using Xtreme Lashes products and aftercare, such as the Amplifeye Advanced Lash & Brow Fortifier and Amplifeye Supplements will also promote eye health. Taking these daily will strengthen dry, brittle aging hair, brow and lashes, providing a stronger foundation for your lash extensions and a more youthful appearance!

Have questions? Let us help you!

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